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rogue gaming drinks

Rogue was created in 2017 by 2 best friends, Zac & Chris, as one of the first GAMING DRINK companies to exist in the entire World. From day 1, Rogue has been focused on creating the best formulas for supplementing the needs of Twitch Streamers, casual gamers, competitive Esports stars, and all gaming enthusiasts inbetween.

Rogue's 3 unique product lines: ENERGY, HYDRATION, and CHILL are custom designed to serve the unique demands of those enjoying their favorite video game or streaming for hours on end to their community.

Rogue has been sold in over 85 countries worldwide to 100s of thousands of customers. When you choose a Rogue product, you can be assured you are receiving the industry gold standard for gaming supplements!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Great tastes amazing and I loved it

Hannah Davis

This was my first time trying Rogue and I was absolutely blown away with how amazing it tastes. The packets made it so easy and convenient to be able to try different flavors and lines of Rogue.


Delicious 👌🏼


Love it!


Rogue is easily the best flavor that I’ve ever tasted. Heavenly 12/10. I will absolutely buy a tub in the future if I don’t overdose while chugging these packets by the mouthful. 1000% recommend

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