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Blue Raspberry (Energy)

Rogue Energy is our flagship product line, designed to be the ultimate Gaming Energy Drink. Rogue Energy is loaded with nootropics, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals to give you laser-like focus, increased motivation, longer endurance, an uplifted mood, and a ton of SMOOTH energy without the jitters and crash from canned energy drinks or other powders.


Snow Storm (Hydration)

Hydration is our zero-caffeine product line loaded with electolytes and vitamins to replenish your body anytime you need to quench your thirst. Studies show every 1% reduction in hydration can result in a 5% decrease in cognitive function. When you are thirsty, turn to a science-backed, sugar-free, delicious tasting product like Rogue Hydration to fuel smarter.


Strawberry Hibiscus (Chill)

Rogue Chill is one of our most unique product lines. When the stresses of the day are weighing heavy, you are feeling anxious, or need to relax your mind and calm down, Rogue Chill is the right product for you. Our non-drowsy, stimulant-free Chill formula is designed to relax your mind and decreases stress so you can focus on more important things in your life.

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