Gaming Sponsorships - Easy Sponsorships For Gaming

If you are reading this, you are interested in how to get sponsored for gaming.  In this very quick article, we will exclusively describe gaming sponsorships for beginners and the easiest sponsorships for beginner gamers to secure and manage.

For a complete A-Z guide on gaming sponsorships including more advanced information for larger streamers and eSports teams, refer to our industry-leading article on the topic, The Ultimate Guide To Gaming Sponsorships.  

Why You Want A Gaming Sponsorship

The goal of gaming sponsorships is to gain legitimacy for your brand, earn some income, and receive additional perks in the form of discounted gear!  If you are trying to make money on Twitch, gaming sponsorships are an important component.

Easy Sponsorships For Beginner Gamers

As a beginner gamer or small streamer, one thing you are unlikely to have is a large audience.  The sole reason businesses sponsor anyone (i.e. paid endorsements) is to use their large audience and their influence to increase the awareness of the brand and ultimately to sell more products.  Although you might be an “up and coming gamer or eSports team”, it’s more than likely you are still working on your audience and are not quite influential enough for a large sponsorship payout or to receive tons of free care packages from a business each month.  Deals like Fnatic partnering with AMD are few and far between.

Don’t worry, there is a solution for new and smaller gamers and streamers!  The best gaming sponsorship for beginners is an affiliate sponsorship program.  With an affiliate sponsorship program, you work as an ambassador for the business while receiving benefits from the business when you are successful.  You will receive a discount code that you promote to your growing fanbase and that you yourself can use. When your discount code is used to make a purchase on the business’s website, you receive a percent of that sale.  Additional benefits might include earning free items after a certain number of purchases.

The great thing about affiliate sponsorship programs is that all 3 parties involved win; the customer gets a discount on a great product, the business gets a sale, and you get rewarded with money and items for promoting the product.  Additionally, unlike traditional sponsorships that involve lengthy and exclusive application processes, affiliate sponsorship programs are open to the public so no application is required. Just signup and begin to use the code to purchase discounted items yourself and to promote to your growing audience!

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Now take the knowledge you have acquired in this very quick article and the other guides we have provided and use it to secure several affiliate-style gaming sponsorships for your brand.  Good luck!  We also welcome you to try our industry-leading gaming drink products by getting a sample pack Starter Kit below.