G Fuel Vs Rogue Energy - Gaming Drink Comparison

If you have been around the gaming scene for the last few years, you have probably come across a brand called G Fuel.  They are made by Gamma Labs and started producing a powdered energy supplement marketed towards gamers back in 2011. Over the next few years, they rose to prominence in the gaming community largely in part to their lack of true competition and due to partnerships with large eSports brands like FaZe Clan.

In January of 2017, a new energy & focus supplement for gamers finally entered the market; Rogue Energy.  The goal of Rogue Energy is clear; to produce advanced nutrition supplements for the gaming industry.  Although we don’t pay much attention to what the other brand is doing, we often get asked the question, “How are you different than G Fuel?”  We understand why people would naturally try to compare us to an existing brand so we don’t get too offended by the inquiry but we figured we’d answer the question once and for all.


Rogue Energy prides itself on several key principles and these fundamentally set us apart from G Fuel.  First, we worked tirelessly to engineer a formula that would produce the most effective energy and focus supplement for gaming possible (see our supplement facts below this paragraph).  Putting new research and scientifically-proven compound pairings together, we were able to create the ideal energy and focus lifecycle. The effects kick in quickly, never spike too high, and then last for about 8-10 hours with no crash when the energy wears off.  We call this a “smooth energy curve” since you are never spiked too high nor crash too low like you would with competitors. Instead, you live within the “Sweet Spot” where you are perfectly alert and energized. We respect G Fuel and the formula they created way back in 2011 but, as with anything, times change and new research and better designs enter the market.  If consumers weren’t open to new and improved products based on new research, we would all still be watching VHS tapes and typing on typewriters. First to market doesn’t always mean best.

Second, we made sure to create the absolute best tasting gaming drink on the market with flavors that truly taste authentic and distinct from one another.  Every Rogue Energy flavor is zero sugar, has either zero or 5 calories, is sweetened with the healthiest sweetener possible (Stevia), and includes natural flavoring to produce a robust, authentic, real taste.  When we say Berry Pomegranate, you can taste the Blueberry, Strawberry, and Pomegranate flavors! It tastes real. A common observation of G Fuel is that when you actually take a step back, each of their flavors taste relatively similar to one another.  They all kind of taste “sugary with varying hints of the advertised flavor”. We also often hear “artificial tasting” from past G Fuel consumers. Taste is subjective so we prefer to let our drink and your taste buds do the convincing.

Third, we had to make sure that Rogue Energy would eliminate the “chalkiness” problem that faces all other powdered competitors.  It was critical that our drink dissolves quickly and easily and never leaves a gritty, chalky texture on your teeth or tongue after each sip.  This texture issue is too real with other brands, and is honestly the number one feedback we hear from those who switch from G Fuel to Rogue Energy.  

Finally, we wanted to create and market Rogue Energy to people just like us.  We aren’t children anymore and we didn’t want to advertise to kids. Instead of marketing towards adolescents who are 13-16 like G Fuel very successfully does (energy pop rocks?), we created this brand for the more mature, educated, informed 20 and 30-somethings who are highly competitive, care a bit more about nutrition, and want a competitive edge in their gaming and everyday life.  Let’s put it this way, if eSports were to join the Olympics, Rogue Energy is the gaming drink athletes would turn to for their real nutritional needs when competing.


Hopefully after reading this you can see more clearly what sets Rogue Energy apart from any competitor.  We respect G Fuel's past success but we are excited to continue to disrupt and change the industry in massive ways.  We were even rated one of the best gaming sponsorships by gamingsponsorships.com!  And if you are still on the fence about trying a gaming drink in general, we like to put things into perspective by thinking about this.  We spend $100s on headsets to hear the footsteps of our competition milliseconds sooner. We research and debate the top mice and controllers to improve our game control.  We upgrade our screens, RAM, keyboards, graphics cards and even our chairs to give us the best gaming experience. Isn’t it time to upgrade your most important hardware; YOUR MIND?!