1. Why You Need A Gaming Supplement
  2. Energy Drinks And Gaming - What Matters?
  3. The Best Energy Drink For Gaming
  4. Conclusion

If you are reading this article, you are interested in competitive gaming and focused on improving your performance.  This article will highlight the importance of adding a high quality, powdered gaming energy drink supplement to your training.  The goal is to give you every edge possible over your competition.


It’s 2021.  It’s time to start thinking of eSports in the same way we think of traditional sports.  The money, fame, prestige, clout, and life-changing opportunities already exist in competitive gaming at the highest level.  The competition to reach the pinnacle of any game is more intense than ever before.  Those who will succeed in eSports moving forward will know this one truth; talent will only get you so far.  To play like a champion, you have to train like a champion.

It’s widely known that traditional athletes performing at the highest level push themselves to the limit in their training so they can shine when it comes time to compete.  To fuel their performance, athletes turn to supplements to build and maintain their superhuman bodies.

Esports athletes have an advantage over traditional athletes in that they don’t have to break down and rebuild their bodies time and time again to improve performance.  Instead, a competitive gamer’s most important asset is their mind.  

Reaction time, complex problem solving, alertness, energy, focus, mood, memory, motivation.  These are all things a competitive eSports athlete needs to improve, manage, and balance in order to compete at their full potential.

A high quality gaming drink supplement is designed to support optimal brain performance in each of these categories so competitive gamers can train and perform at their greatest potential.  

In this, powdered gaming drinks are king.

Powdered gaming drinks are fundamentally more effective at increasing your energy, focus, endurance, and reaction speed because more ingredients can be packed into each serving.  Energy drink powders don’t come in liquid form so they can deliver greater amounts of active ingredients at more appropriate gram weights to induce more effective reactions in your body.

These factors add up to energy drink powders being the best option for gaming drink consumption.


When selecting an energy drink powder for gaming, it’s important to look at these 6 key factors.  

  • Caffeine - Ideal caffeine per serving for a gaming drink will be 150-200mg per serving.
  • Total Formula Gram Weight - This is one of the most important factors when determining if a drink will actually work.  Not all drinks are created equal.  A good gaming drink will have 3 grams or more of active ingredients per serving to achieve the desired energy, focus, and endurance effects.
  • Individual Ingredient Gram Weight - It goes without saying, but for an ingredient to work in your body, there has to be enough of that ingredient in the supplement.  Many low quality gaming drinks will put small doses of ingredients in their formula (20%, 10%, even 1% of recommended values) just so they can list the ingredient on their nutrition panels to trick consumers.  Look for formulas will robust gram weights at properly-dosed levels.
  • Cost Per Serving - A typical gaming drink will have a cost of about $1-$1.50 per serving.
  • Mixability - How well does your drink mix?  Just because it starts out as a powder doesn’t mean it should taste chalky and gross.  High quality gaming energy drink powders will mix perfectly and stay mixed.
  • Taste - You want to drink something that tastes great.  No nasty aftertaste or vitamin flavoring.  This one is subjective but it’s obvious when a brand is doing well.


Designed with performance in mind, Rogue Gaming Drinks has set the gold standard for quality, mixability, and taste in the gaming drink category.  Rogue is the only gaming drink company on the planet with 4 unique product lines designed for different scenarios in your gaming training.

  • ROGUE ENERGY - The ENERGY product line is the flagship product in the lineup.  Energy was designed as a direct replacement for sugar filled, ineffective canned energy drinks.  The old school canned stuff is essentially caffeine water with trace amounts of b vitamins.  Incredibly ineffective.  Rogue Energy has 3.5 grams of active ingredients, 175mg caffeine, is loaded with vitamins, has zero sugar, only 5 calories, and mixes and tastes amazing.  With 200mg of L-Theanine (the active ingredient in green tea), the energy curve is smooth and consistent with no aggressive spike and no crash.  Additionally, there are over 1.5 grams of active focus ingredients alone that help you mentally lock in and perform complex mental tasks at the highest level.  

  • ROGUE HYDRATION - The Hydration product line is Rogue’s sugar-free, caffeine-free, stimulant-free, thirst-quenching product.  This product is essentially an improved version of Gatorade with additional focus ingredients for added mental performance.  With no caffeine and no sugar, you can enjoy Rogue Hydration anytime of day.  Drink it late at night during extra long gaming sessions when stimulants would jeopardize sleep.  Take it during and after intense physical activity to replenish the body’s essential electrolytes.

  • ROGUE EXTREME - The Extreme product line is designed for moments of extreme mental and physical exertion.  With a high-stimulant, sugar-free formula that includes BCAAs for recovery, Rogue Extreme is ideal for intense bursts of both mental and physical activity.  When you have to give it all for a short period of time, Rogue Extreme is the G.O.A.T.

  • ROGUE SHAKE - The Shake product line is the newest product in the Rogue lineup.  Nothing is more difficult than making healthy diet choices while gaming when all you want to do is dig into a pint of ice cream, crack open a sleeve of Oreos, or drown your worries in a gallon of sugary Starbucks coffee.  The Rogue Shake product line offers a first-of-its-kind, sugar-free energy milkshake so you can “treat yourself” while actually making a healthy choice during your gaming sessions.  The formula includes a moderate amount of caffeine at 130mg, vitamins, a robust focus complex, and of course, zero sugar.  When you are feeling weak and don’t want to cheat on your diet worse than hackers in Warzone, turn to Rogue Shake.


    The future of eSports and competitive gaming is incredibly bright.  Anyone interested in competing at the highest levels of any game needs to begin to take all aspects of their training as seriously as possible; including their diet and the supplements they take to increase performance.  Scientifically designed energy drink powders for gaming are far and away the best option for optimizing gaming potential on a supplement level.  Scope out Rogue Energy and the other Rogue products to elevate your competitive gaming potential.  If you are interested in joining our gaming sponsorship program, you can join with no application required.  We were rated one of the best gaming sponsorships by